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Major Donations

Donations Made by Circle of Hope Bracelets Since Inception - Organizations We’ve Given $5000 or More in Donations (through December 31, 2018)

Since our founding in 1999, Circle of Hope Bracelets has given over $3 million in donations to more than 100 cancer charities.   The following 41 organizations have received donations of $5000 or greater.

Circle of Hope Bracelets
Major Donations: 1999 through 2018

Organizations Receiving Total Donations of $5,000 or greater:
1999 through 2018 
Amount Received
American Cancer Society $717,195
Siteman Cancer Center, St. Louis, M (includes $67,494 for Arts as Healing, and $34,602 for the Young Women’s Breast Cancer Programand $139,147 for the Discovery Fund $448,503
AMC Cancer Research Center (now AMC Cancer Fund, part of University of Colorado Cancer Center) $426,814
Susan G. Komen for the Cure $289,481
American Heart Association (for heart/cancer research grants) $108,000
Friends of Kids with Cancer (MO) $88,923
Mildred Mindell Cancer Foundation (MD) $81,304
Camp Rainbow (MO) $81,241
St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital (TN) $47,454
Cancer Support Community (MO) (formerly the Wellness Community and Gilda’s Club) $44,508
Community Foundation of St Michael’s(WI) $36,189
No Woman Left Behind (MO) $35,825
Pancreatic Cancer Foundation (CA) $35,381
Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition (NY) $33,101
The Breakfast Club (MO) $32,212
Camp Mak-A-Dream (MI) $31,804
HospiceCare (WI) $31,800
Minnesota Medical Foundation $30,800
*Backstoppers (MO) $27,055
Pike Country Home Care & Hospice (MO) $25,725
Campbell County Healthcare Foundation Hospice (WY) $25,131
David C. Pratt Cancer Center (MO) $23,507
Blessing Foundation (IL) $21,305
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society $20,537
St. Louis University Cancer Center (MO) $18,684
Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition (NY) $15,234
St. Luke’s Hospital Life & Hope Fund (MO) $14,282
St. Mary’s Medical Center (PA) $14,045
St. Louis Rowing Club/We Can Row Initiative (MO) $13,064
University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center $12,250
Snow Canyon Clinic (UT) $11,589
Riverwood Foundation (MN) $10,985
Healing Consciousness Foundation (PA) $9,747
The Lusgarten Foundation (NY) $9,718
The Fashion Footwear Charitable Foundation (NY) $9,250
Community Cancer Center (IL) $7,658
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition $7,270
St. Mary’s Foundation (WI) $6,860
Beacon House (WI) $6,200
Children's Cancer Research Fund (MN) $5,651
Breast Cancer Recovery Center (WI) $5,000
*We designate profits from Patriotic bracelet sales for donations to the Backstoppers, a St. Louis organization that provides needed support and financial assistance to the spouses and children of police officers, firefighters, and related professionals who have lost their lives performing their duty.